Erasmus+ auf Zypern – Tag 2 – in English, please!

Hello again! Since we are talking English all day in Cyprus we decided to share our second day with you in English. 

We started our day with going to school by bus and met all the other international students to go to the handcrafts Museum in Nikosia. There we learned something about their cultural handcrafts like weaving and pottery. Weaving and pottery have a long tradition in Cyprus and their special patterns are passed down from generation to generation and are an important part of their culture. They have special patterns that you can only find in Cyprus. 

After that we visited the Cyprus museum of Nicosia. It was about historic buildings and artifacts that were found all over Cyprus. Then we headed deeper into the city to climb up 11 stories to the Shacolas Tower from which you can see all the way over to the Turkish site of Cyprus. This year marks the 50 anniversary of the Turkish invasion of northern Cyprus which effects are still clearly visible today. 

After we took a lunch break we visited the Saint-John’s Cathedral which has some interesting art work in it, but there were no photos allowed unfortunately. Right after we visited the cathedral we took a walk around Nicosia along the Venetian Wall which was built in 1567 and used to keep the people of Nicosia safe.